Algae farmer goes deep

Our marine biologist Gustav, who normally runs our algae cultivation, has some exciting activities going on during the weekends. He and his diver-gang were out exploring an old water-filled mine with underground drifts. Now we are all fantasising about the exciting and yet undiscovered algae that can be found in these types of lakes. And yes, it so happens that Gustav does find new algae in nature – among others, he is the dad of one of our own favourite algae, SIMRIS 002.

Photo: NorraSkå Gustav is the guy in blue in the middle.

Founder and CEO of Simris Alg wins Chemical Engineering Award

Today we are extra proud and honoured! Fredrika Gullfot, founder and CEO of Simris Alg, received the Chemical Engineering Award for 2014, which is granted annually to an outstanding chemical engineer by Sweden’s National Association of Chemical Engineers (Svenska Kemiingenjörers Riksförening). The award which came in the form of a silver bullion bar, was handed out during Berzeliusdagarna at the great auditorium of Stockholm University. Among other participants of the event, were Swedish ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang and Nobel prize winner Dan Schechtman.

The motivation of the jury read: ”Fredrika Gullfot received the 2014 award for her work in building a production of both fuels as well as dietary supplements based on industrial algae cultivation, a thrilling example of biorefinery. She has demonstrated what knowledge and enthusiasm can achieve, and stands as a fine role model, not the least for young people choosing a career. To be utilising nature´s own processes, in a controlled manner, and producing healthy and useful products with the help of carbon dioxide and sunlight, gives us a taste of the future.”

”This is an incredible award and an amazing acknowledgment of what we do at Simris Alg”, says Fredrika. ”This is really about making use of our scientific knowledge to bring about concrete change. It is exactly this type of green solutions that are going to contribute to a better society.”

Link to Sveriges Kemiingenjörers Riksförenings press release (incl. high resolution photographs)

Link to article in KemivärldenBiotech (in Swedish): Kemiteknikpris för banbrytande algodling

Governor visits Simris Alg

Today we had the honour to have Margareta Pålsson, Governor of the Skåne region, for a visit at the algae farm. The visit marked the beginning of the Governor’s tour around the municipalities of Skåne. The tour focuses on companies that contribute in improving the environment. Simrishamn and Simris Alg were chosen as the first site.

– “A year ago, as the new governor, I visited all of Skåne’s municipal leaders. Now I want to meet the companies of Skåne, as they have a crucial role in the continued positive development of the county. Innovation and employment go hand in hand”, says Margareta Pålsson.

The visit was lovely and the delegation thought it was exciting that they got to see the first Swedish algae farm for oil production. The governor even got to take home her own little algae culture, to keep in her Malmö residence.

You can read more about the visit and the Governor’s impressions in the article by Ystads Allehanda: Landshövding med miljön i fokus

World’s freshest algae-smoothies!

When our Head of Production goes home for the day, the rest of us go ahead and snatch some of the day’s crop. World’s freshest smoothies guaranteed, only in Hammenhög!

Simris Alg takes home two awards

Yesterday, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svensk Näringsliv) awarded the CEO of Simris Alg, Fredrika Gullfot the title “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2013. The jury remarked about Fredrika: ”An incredibly driven entrepreneur, a source of inspiration and an entrepreneur with devotion to society. She is contributing to Sweden by introducing a whole new industry within green environmental technology- the cultivation of microalgae.”

On the same day, Fredrika also received the ”Simrishamn Environmental Award”, which was granted to her during the City Council meeting of Simrishamn. The jury’s motivation read: ”With drive and creativity Fredrika has created a prominent company for sustainable production of oils and by-products, an important player within green environmental technology, which put Simrishamn on the global map.”

We are proud, happy and extremely honoured!

Read about the events in the related links (in Swedish):

Photo: Svenskt Näringsliv

Team Simris welcomes its newest member!

Team Simris is proudly welcoming our newest member, Isabelle Klevstad. Isabelle is a passionate young professional whose expertise and experience in PR, advertising and communications will actively help Simris strengthen its marketing and sales force, just in time for our upcoming market launch.

Welcome Isabelle!

New Simris Stockholm office

During a sunny autumn day, Simris moved its Stockholm office in the heart of Östermalm. We are now co-located with the lovely and inspirational 1,6 miljonerklubben.

If you want to send us a nice letter or stop by and say hi, the new address is Grev Turegatan 27, 114 38 Stockholm.

Simris Alg on reindustrialization in P1

We need to bring back industry to the EU in order to create more jobs, according to the EU-commission. During the summer, the issue has been discussed by- among others- SvD Näringsliv, in a series of articles it published.

P1 Studio Ett ran a story on reindustrialization: reporter Natacha López interviews CEO Fredrika Gullfot about Simris Alg as an example of a new green industry, that has chosen to locate its production in Sweden. You can read more and listen to the segment here (Swedish).

Founder of Simris Alg praised by Österlenvännerna

During the annual breakfast forum of Österlenvännerna in Simrishamn, the CEO of Simris Alg, Fredrika Gullfot, had the great honour of receiving the Österlenvännerna’s scholarship for her achievements. We are happy, proud and honoured!  More about the scholarship and the motivation can be read at the homepage of Österlenvännerna (Swedish).

Fredrika had the pleasure to participate in the panel discussion that was held during the forum, regarding the future of the Baltic Sea. Other participants were Mats Svensson (SwAM- Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management), Olle Viberg (fisherman), municipal Commissioner Anders Jonsson, Fredric Strömberg (KIMO Baltic Sea) and author Björn Ranelid. A nice article about the seminar can be read in Ystads Allehanda (Swedish).

Photo:  Österlenvännerna, Bass Nilsson

Damernas Värld on algae as superheroes

The current issue of Damernas Värld magazine features an article about the biggest trends within skincare research right now.  As expected, algae plays a lead role in the matter.

– I call them micro-superheroes, says our Head of Marketing Daphne Tsobanoglou in the interview, because of all their nourishing and skin improving qualities.

Many different algae are experts at protecting themselves against environmental influences, which we can take advantage of in skincare products. What’s more, some substances have been shown to be significantly more effective than previous anti-age-superstars, such as hyaluronic acid.

Green is the new glossy!