Founder of Simris Alg praised by Österlenvännerna

During the annual breakfast forum of Österlenvännerna in Simrishamn, the CEO of Simris Alg, Fredrika Gullfot, had the great honour of receiving the Österlenvännerna’s scholarship for her achievements. We are happy, proud and honoured!  More about the scholarship and the motivation can be read at the homepage of Österlenvännerna (Swedish).

Fredrika had the pleasure to participate in the panel discussion that was held during the forum, regarding the future of the Baltic Sea. Other participants were Mats Svensson (SwAM- Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management), Olle Viberg (fisherman), municipal Commissioner Anders Jonsson, Fredric Strömberg (KIMO Baltic Sea) and author Björn Ranelid. A nice article about the seminar can be read in Ystads Allehanda (Swedish).

Photo:  Österlenvännerna, Bass Nilsson