Simris in brief


Simris Alg is a multi-award winning, innovation-based company that pioneers in the development of microalgae as a new biotechnological platform for discovery and production. The company was founded in 2011. Its purpose and business concept are to save endangered marine habitats by developing and manufacturing products from cultivated microalgae instead of marine animals and sensitive ecosystems.

The company’s shares have been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2016 (ticker: SIMRIS), making Simris Alg one of the first publicly listed, purely vegan companies. Simris Alg is in the development phase and its goal is to create superior, long-term sustainable profitability for its shareholders in harmony with society, nature and the climate.


The cultivation of microalgae is a relatively new biotechnological production process with great potential in several industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, skin care, advanced materials and more. Simris Alg is one of the globally leading players in the development of commercial algae cultivation and is one of the few companies that has reached the market phase and managed to prove its technology in large-scale, continuous operation. The cultivation is carried out in a controlled environment, and even sensitive substances like enzymes retain their function through the gentle production process. The company’s laboratories and farms can be found in Hammenhög, a village in the Österlen region of southern Sweden/the greater Copenhagen area.

Microalgae, or phytoplankton, are microscopically small aquatic plants. Like land-based plants, microalgae grow through photosynthesis, where carbon dioxide in the air is converted to oxygen by sunlight. This means that Simris Alg’s underlying production process has major climate benefits, and the cultivation of microalgae is a key technology for a sustainable, bio-based future.

Microalgae form the basis of the ocean’s food chain, which means that many substances that are important for human and animal health ultimately come from algae. These substances accumulate in higher marine organisms such as fish and seafood via the food they consume. Many marine species are under the threat of extinction today due to overfishing and the destruction of sensitive marine ecosystems. In cosmetics and herbal medicine, there is also a persistent tradition of using exotic substances from rare marine species, which further contributes to the problem.

In addition to the ecological aspect, marine raw materials often contain high levels of mercury, PCBs, PFASs and dioxins due to the pollution of our oceans with plastics, herbicide residues, industrial chemicals and other environmental toxins. By growing microalgae instead of using, for example, fish, endangered shark species or krill as the ‘middlemen’, we can obtain completely plant-based alternatives free from these environmental toxins, which are both safer for us humans and also superior for our oceans, our climate and our environment.

Simris Biomimetics

Through evolution, microalgae have developed intricate biochemical systems to, for example, control cell growth or protect themselves against various environmental threats like UV radiation, bacteria and viruses. This means that microalgae are a unique platform for the discovery of various types of pharmacologically active substances, with intense research in areas such as cancer, skin diseases, the immune system and antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Furthermore, microalgae are capable of certain so-called post-translational modifications that are missing in conventional bioprocess platforms like bacteria or yeast. This makes microalgae an interesting production organism for the development of second-generation peptide- and protein-based drugs that are today limited to difficult-to-grow mammalian cells.

​​Our business area SIMRIS BIOMIMETICS is devoted to research, development and commercialisation of substances and extracts from microalgae for applications in advanced skincare and pharma. The development portfolio is long-term, but the first products in skincare are expected to reach the B2B market in 2022.

Simris Novel Foods

Microalgae naturally produce many nutrients that are important for human health. As the basis of the ocean food chain, algae play an obvious role in the transition to a more sustainable food system. The SIMRIS NOVEL FOODS division develops new food ingredients and products. Demand for sustainable food innovations is at an all-time high, and in markets such as the US or the UK after Brexit, the regulatory environment for new dietary ingredients is favourable compared to the EU.

The first product to reach market phase is Simris Alg’s unique omega-3 oil, which is the hero ingredient in the company’s own consumer product line, Simris® Algae Omega-3. Furthermore, a plant-based protein alternative is currently being developed in collaboration with a globally leading company, based on Simris Alg’s nutritious algae powder Algae Flourish.


Simris® is the company’s consumer brand which today consists of a series of omega-3 supplements as a superior, vegan alternative to fish oil and krill. The products are unique in the dietary supplement market as Simris owns the entire value chain “from farm to bottle”, i.e. from cultivation to finished product.

The products are aimed at a globally growing premium market in wellness and plant-based alternatives. The focus of the ongoing launch is e-commerce aimed at the US market through the company’s US-based subsidiary Simris Inc. The products are also available at trend-setting retailers such as Goop, and distribution agreements are in place in South Korea. Simris has also developed health products with cultured algae from other suppliers, which are sold in Sweden under the Simris® Select brand with Åhléns and Apoteket, among others, as retailers.