Brain food & brain talks!

On October 1st Simris hosted an educational breakfast meet & greet in New York. Guests had the chance to learn about algae’s jaw-dropping nutritional properties and the profound importance of omega-3.

Plant-based breakfast

Very instagrammable food

Algae-infused breakfast
The plant-based breakfast made a colourful impression and was spiced up with our own Spirulina Sprinkles and Finest Chlorella. Inspirational chef Breanne Delgado really whipped-up some tasty magic in the kitchen!

Babba Canales and Fredrika Gullfot

Babba Canales, bybabba founder, welcomes guests to “Simris 101” with Fredrika Gullfot

Fall in love with algae!
We are always happy to share our love for algae – the original source of all marine omega-3.
It’s good for you and good for the environment. Algae are the new wave of wellness.