Spread some algaelove this holiday

With the holidays around the corner you might be occupied with thoughts of gifts to give, and gifts to receive. Even though we love to indulge in festivities as much as the next person, we do think there is no better gift than a healthy and active 2019. Here is a suggestion for a plant-based gift: the Simris Gift Box!

The Simris Gift Box comes in two wonderful combos. Yes, we believe our algae supergoodies are a smashing gift, both festive and health loaded at the same time! A suitable gift for the person who already has it all, or for the one you’d like to give some extra #algaelove to.

A gift for you and your baby

The first gift box is our Holiday Season Mom Box. This important box comes with two bottles of Simris Algae Omega-3 for Mothers, 120 capsules all together, and is an essential gift for every mother-to-be.

Give some omega-3 for Christmas

This is truly a present for the coming generation since intake of extra DHA during the pregnancy is vital for the fetal stage. Be kind to any mother-to-be, pamper them with plant-based marine omega-3! Read more about DHA here.

Algaelove for all

The second giftbox is our festive Algae Supergoodies Holiday Box, containing four of our algae supergoodies: 

  • • Finest Chlorella
  • • Spirulina Sprinkles
  • • Boosting Astaxanthin 
  • • Sun Candy Algae Tea

Simris gift box algae package

This box is filled with a full range of nutritious and fun algae! There’s someting for your sweet smoothies and your savory dishes, something for your work-outs and beauty routine, and something for that important moment when you need to relax or keep warm. 

And with our algae, these tiny sun-packed wonders from the sea, you get minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients as well. This is a gift box that just keeps on giving!